Advertise your Event to ensure Succession

Imagine a situation where you worked hard day and night for months, on planning and preparing for a big event but, on completion it doesn’t turn out to be as successful as it was intended to. Did you wonder what exactly went wrong? Event planners and managers often forget to promote their events thoroughly and feel the distaste of failure after the day of execution. 

 As a matter of fact, an event cannot reach succession without a wide population knowing about it, thus it is important to understand ways in which an event can be advertised starting at least a month before the actual date. Here are a few widely known ways to carry out advertisements and spread the word. 


A wonderful way to catch attention of the passers-by is to install huge street flags and banners. It is a worldwide known technique to communicate with the public about absolutely any kind of event; it can be cultural, historical, or a sports festival. If you ever walk around streets, try to notice the street flags and banners that are popping up from the walkways or the roadsides, the vibrant colour combinations and strong visual presence proudly scream the purpose of its appearance.  

The best part when it comes to banners is that they can be customised according to the needs and requirements of the customer. They come in various sizes, shapes, designs, and colours, all together forming a unique visual representation of your advertised event, catching attention of a diverse audience. 

Social Media 

Social media websites like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are being widely used all around the globe. When one thinks of campaigning for their events online, these websites are the top choice. Come to think of it, there’s a definite reason behind the popularity of these websites; event promotion on these websites are absolutely free, moreover, you get the added advantage of targeting a huge number of viewers in much less time. On the contrary, if one uses local media like newspapers, they are targeting only the local population and a small demographic who still read the newspapers in a modern world like this.  

Media Walls 

What’s the one thing that is the most noticeable when you enter a high profile event? They are media walls in Sydney, in front of which celebrities and influential leaders of the event take pictures taken. Media walls prove to be a true staple in events, from press releases to charity events to movie premiers to galas and balls. There are different styles in which a media wall can be printed to promote an event’s significant feature; some media walls advertise the sponsors of the event who generously contributed to make the event successful. While other kind of media walls can be brand; the logo of the brand is arranged in a beautiful pattern advertising either its launch or its anniversary.  

The media walls are a major photo magnet, meaning whatever is printed on these backdrops goes publicly viral without any struggle. To make a media wall interesting and attention grabbing, you can use different sizes and print the logos on a coloured background to give it a more glamorous appeal. Aside from publicity, these media walls can be used to show your gratitude and appreciation towards your sponsors in a subtle yet an effective way. 


The easiest way to promote an occurrence is to talk more and more about it. Choose people who you think are the most sociable around you and spread the word of your event’s purpose and the essential details through them. Look for prominent people and influence like industry experts and bloggers, follow them on blogs and invite them to your event. This surely will get you event coverage on a lot of blogs. The content related to your event that is created via blogging can boost your rankings in search engines when researchers are looking for information.  

An effective way to advertise your event is to market its significant components for e.g. you can post interesting details about the guest or speakers who will attend your event to catch the attention of audience with related interests. Lastly, you can always offer free tickets or promotional deals to people who participate in large groups.