Is it recommendable to buy Sophie the giraffe?

When a new born baby is born, parents experience new things along with their babies each day. Parents get worried when a baby cries unusually and takes him to a doctor immediately. It is good to contact a doctor in case of crisis but mostly babies cries when they are have sore gums or have gastric problem. These both things are treated the best at home. For baby’s sore gums, teethers are made which helps in reducing baby’s pain due to sore gum.Various types of teethers have been introduced in the market and one such kind is Sophie the giraffe teether. In this article, we are going to discuss that whether it is recommendable to buy Sophie the giraffe


Teether are the small objects, mostly made of rubbers and ate built in such a way that baby can hold it easily. These are made with the purpose of reducing baby’s sore gum. When a baby grows three month old, he begins the process of teething. This process is quite difficult for babies as new teeth begin to come out of baby’s gum. Specifically for this purpose teethers were made. Then came the time when their usage was reduced because people began to spread rumors that they are toxic for child’s health and so on. Some people even confuse teether with pacifier. 

A pacifier is a rubber or plastic teat for a baby to stick on a gum. The main difference between pacifier and teether is that pacifier is usually smaller in size and is attached at the top of a feeder bottle.  

Types of teething toys: 

With the passage of time, many different kinds of teething toys for kids have been introduced to reduce the pain of innocentlittlebabies. There is a type of baby teether which is known as baby banana infant toothbrush and teether, it ismulti-functional and gives a taste of banana. Then there is nuby ice gel teether. Besides these, there are nuby silicon teether, Manhattan toy winkle rater and sensory teether toy and above them all is Sophie the giraffe. 

Sophie the giraffe: 

Sophie the giraffe is the type of teether which is made from hundred percent natural rubber and food colors. It is completely non-toxic and flexible for infant’s use. When a baby reaches his third month, he begins the process of teething. In the process of teething, a baby starts growing his milk teeth which proves to be extremely painful for your children. Due to their sore gums, infants continuously put their hands or other unhygienic stuff in their mouth; this can prove to be toxic for baby’s health. To help parents out in this regard, Sophie giraffe has been introduced in the market. It is extremely flexible and baby can hold it easily because of her ting legs which come in the grip of a baby’s hand. 

It is highly recommended to buy Sophie giraffe teether for your children as it is hygienic and it relieves the pain of customer. Other than that, it can be easily used as well. 

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As the baby begins to grow, new developments can be seen in him daily. Similarly, when a baby reaches the age of three months, he begins the process of teething, it is a painful process in which baby’s milk teeth are grown and causes pain in gums. To help infants in this regard, teethers are made. There are various types of teethers and one such type is Sophie the giraffe. It is the most hygienic teether which is completely made up of natural rubber and food colors. It gives soothing effect to baby’s sore gum that is why it is highly recommended to use Sophie the giraffe as an infant’s teether. “The baby gift company” delivers the best baby gifts all across the Australia.