What is mechanical trade and importance of certificate 3 in engineering?

In today’s mechanical world it’s very important our workers need to have a proper knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) in order to manufacture a product based on all the knowledge to avoid maximum risks of failures. Cert 3 will provide you with the skill to be a trained mechanical trade engineer. Certificate 3 is a mechanical engineering course called mechanical fitter course required for some skills needed to be in an expert engineer, who knows the basics of mechanical trade, working with metal, and its manufacturing. People who gets certificate 3 in engineering mechanical trade have skills of manufacturing and assembly of mechanical fittings, how to maintain proper tools and machinery, testing and finding of faulty tools. The qualification of cert 3 will make a person eligible to qualify as a mechanical fitter tradesperson. Government approved services which are trade recognised offer these qualifications to enhance your knowledge and gives you a skill for life time. 

What cert 3 includes. 

Qualifying for a certificate 3 in mechanical trade will polish a lot of an engineer’s skills to excel in many different fields related to mechanical engineering and metal fitting and manufacturing etc. Some of the skills you will acquire after getting this certificate is you will be able to setup any machinery needed to manufacture any engineering product, metal or spare parts replacement and repairing, you will be able to install a whole plant and its machinery, you will be able to modify and design the existing projects and mechanisms. You will have all the knowledge required to maintain the already existing project going on.  

Skills of a certified mechanical trade engineer 

Planning and organising 

1st thing for starting a project for an engineer is planning and prioritising. A proper schedule of step by step plan to execute the manufacturing and running is the first thing a skilled worker would do first handedly. Picking the right kind of techniques, organising and getting all the right tools to be used, gathering all the information relevant to the work 


Taking care of your own self by working safely and in accordance to all the rules and policies of the company to avoid any self-harm and surroundings. Keep in check and monitor the quality of product or its service to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. Taking responsibility of each and every step you take in your work and its outcome. Keeping in mind the manufacturer’s specifications in using tools and techniques. 


Always be in a supervision of an expert adviser in each and every step of your work to avoid getting in trouble or doing the whole work wrong. Always keep your customer satisfied. Listen to their instructions and keep in mind their requirements what they really want from you. If you get stuck somewhere always take manual help and modify things whenever needed. Assist and seek help from any possible portal around to make sure you are doing the right thing. 


Always make sure you are using the right king of technology like machinery, materials and tools needed for your work, as well as you’re measuring and testing devices should be relevant and right. What kind of procedures, diagnostic methods and measurements would be required? Make efficient use of the machinery to avoid as much waste as possible. 

Any skill is achievable with a little hard work. This course will help you go very far and excel in your engineering career with new learning experience and experiments to polish your skills. Acquiring certificate 3 in mechanical trade is a degree/certificate a person can get with a lot of skills and employment opportunities like mechanical fitters, mechanists, manufacturers, mechanical tradesperson, engineer tradesperson, designing , assembly, manufacturing of metal, machinery, fluid power systems, computer devices, refrigerators etc.