Making your home truly YOU

All our young lives we dream of growing up, being independent and making our own fancy home according to our own tastes and style. Understandably, everyone wants to express their creativity in their own way and have it show in the way in which they organize themselves and their own space. Having a place of your own to decorate in the first place is a major achievement. There are people around the world who have to spend their days and nights without a roof over their head and you are fortunate enough to be considering personalizing your own space. For most people after they move away from their parents, they find a small place and make it entirely their own before moving to another, then another and then another before they finally settle down. doing up your living space is a forever changing and growing process which ends only when you are fed up of the change or simply don’t have the means to change things up anymore. Each room has its own personality show through the way in which you have designed it. Your kitchen can have its own tasteful design in the kitchen paraphernalia which you have set down on your counter tops.  
Mega boutique is an online shopping site which can help you out with just that. They have a whole site dedicated to helping you shop online and finding this most YOU representation of your own style for your house. Whether you are looking for bathroom accessories or living room aesthetics, they have just about everything you may need for your home and it is easily accessible through your phone or computer.  They also have a range of companies which are registered with them for you to choose from, that way you know that you are getting full authentic items for you to enjoy in your everyday use around the house. The best part is, you don’t even have to leave your house, everything will be delivered to your doorstep after you place your order, just sit back and relax and have your home aesthetic set to your own standards! 

Starting off with the kitchen, if you are a coffee drinker you probably want a few items which one give you a great blend, two look great sitting in your kitchen even when they aren’t in use. Moreover, knowing that you own a good companies product, a company which has made its name in the market with high end coffee and tea paraphernalia is all the more satisfying. 
Bodum stockists in Melbourne has quite a few items listen with the company in question. In fact they have an entire range of coffee appliances for you to choose from and add to your kitchen.  Check out their catalogue to walk away with something truly chic! 

Moving on, we understand that finding the right decoration and function balance isn’t always the easiest of things. You may have a bunch of decoration pieces which serve no purpose, as well as functional things which are just unsightly. If you are someone who likes to enjoy a little bitch of whiskey or brandy in the evening then we might just have the perfect things for you.  
The crystal decanter which the company has on sale have just the right aesthetic and functional balance. A nice clear bottle with dark liquor on your mantle will really bring a rustic touch to your home. 

Other than that there is so much more to see on the website if you are in the mood to check it out. They have pretty much anything you may ever need for your home and if you are lucky and on time, you may be able to avail some of the sale which they often have going on. You may come to the website not thinking that you need anything but then walking away with a good deal and an addition to your house which you never may have though fit in so well.  

We hope that this article has been helpful in some way or another. Whether it’s the bodum stuff or the crystal decanters, we hope that you find what you were looking for and bring out your personality through your living space.