Noel Jones – The Best Partner in Finding Your Perfect Home!

Finding a good home that fits all your criteria is not an easy task and especially in a time like this when people are likely to take advantage of someone’s need because of how dire the property situations are in the property market due to the pandemic. The pandemic has caused loss of job for thousands of people and had led to countless evictions and so people are in a compromising position when it comes to buying, selling, or renting property. 

So, when the situation is so tense in the market and there is high chance of being exploited by agents or realtors etc., then you should have someone trustworthy next to you to guide through the whole process because this guidance is necessary. That is why it should be, at least, coming from a trustworthy source. Which is why Noel Jones is our best answer! 


Noel Jones is a real estate business that has been operating in the Melbourne are for more than 40 years and has been working tirelessly to provide the people with good and reliable help with their matter related to residential property in terms of buying, selling, and renting.  

With their promise of showing the best houses to rent and houses for sale in Mitcham to their customers, they have made sure to keep build a competent team that can help them achieve this goal. And for that they are proud to have employed only the very best of the best real estate agents and property managers who, throughout the years have shown great dedication, drive, and cooperation in helping customers to ensure that, whatever the circumstances, they are able to find a perfect, dream home for them.  

In hopes of reaching and providing their services to as many patrons as possible, over the 40 years of business, Noel Jones has been able to expand their offices throughout Melbourne as well as their Eastern suburbs. And with their estate agents, most of them reside in the areas they work in which is why they will be able to offer their best knowledge about the area and its houses for rent and houses for sale. The values on which Noel Jones operates their business are:   

  1. Knowledge  
  1. Commitment 
  1. Innovation 
  1. Reliability 


At Noel Jones, they claim that if you are looking for houses for sale, houses for rent or houses to buy, then all you need to do is follow a 3-step procedure that is bound to ensure that you reach a decision that you are happy with. And this procedure is:  

  1. Have a conversation. 

This is the part where you book an appointment with one of their agents and have a one-on-one conversation about what your plans are regarding houses for sale etc., they promise to not involve any unnecessary sales pitches that ruin the atmosphere.  

  1. Agreement of milestones. 

This is the part where the employee and customer set up milestones and objectives and criteria of what they have in mind regarding what they want for example in relation to houses for rent based in Boxhill.  

  1. We will guide you to your new home. 

Lastly the employees will put together their knowledge and expertise in accordance with the customers milestones and objectives to ensure that they are able to find the home that they have always dreamed about.  


This is for those who are looking for houses for sale. On the Noel jones website, you will find tons of pictorial references of houses that have been sold under Noel Jones. This will give you an idea about what types of houses are for sale and in which areas they are. And if you ae more conscious of your budget and do not care much about the area, then you can filter search by maximum or minimum price points.  


Same goes for people looking for houses for rent. They can access the Noel Jones website and under the “rent” page can filter search hundreds of houses, apartments, units etc. that have been put up for rent and are available for grabs. You can filter search the type of property you are looking for such as studio, flat and more with specifications of terrace availability. Number of bedrooms can be specified too, to give you the closes possible options that you want.  

Therefore, it does not matter of you are looking for houses for sale or are looking for houses for rent, Noel Jones will remain your best choice partner in finding your perfect home.