Role of aluminium in building and construction sites

Aluminium is essentially used in most part of our homes, and non-residential sites like stadiums and shopping centres. It is an extremely strong element used in window frames, staircase railings, front door handles and decorative screen designs. Aluminium facades are used in cladding the exterior of construction buildings to strengthen its durability and rigidity. It also plays an important role in insulation of roofs and other materials like warm flasks, mugs, thermos etc. Talking about construction sites architects. It is the second most widely used element in materials and constructions after steel because of the following reasons below. 

Strength versus weight 

 Aluminium is one of the strongest, yet lightest element used in construction projects that is one of the reasons why architects prefer use of this element widely. The strength of the aluminium makes the material long lasting and very less sceptical of breaking. When being compared to steel there is no doubt that it has more elasticity and durability. It is also highly resistant to temperature stresses when being compared to steel. 

Beautiful and long-lasting facades 

Have you ever noticed and idealized beautiful front doors and decorative screens passing by the gate of a house, a corporate office, or a shopping centre? These beauties are made of aluminium. Aluminium facades make immensely beautiful entrance to attract any passing by individual. 

Cost effective: 

Aluminium is more cost effective than steel because of its low maintenance and strong durable structures. The long-lasting nature of aluminium does not require fixing and maintenance very much hence making it a one-time expense. On the other hand, steel corrodes very easily hence requires some kind of regular follow-up. 

Recycled easily: 

Aluminium can be recycled easily hence most building owners now are more interested in deconstructing the building in order to take out as much recyclable material as possible instead of completely demolishing it. Doing so overall saves the dumping cost of aluminium along with minimizing environmental pollution. 

Variety of shapes and designs: 

One of the most unique and amazing properties of aluminium is that it can be formed in any shape hence can form versatile beautiful designs of exteriors and interiors as well. Not just flat shaped aluminium facades and wall cladding forms most attractive designs with large wall panels that are economical as well as easy to install. 

Smooth finish and high reflectivity 

Aluminium can be painted in any colour very easily forming any kind of effect offers variety of appearances to the surface depending upon designer’s decorative needs. Smooth finishing also makes the surface less prone to corrosion and cleaning easy, increasing material’s durability. This material is also a great light manager enhancing solar capability to lower energy consumption for heating and artificial lightening at the same time aluminium shades are used to minimize air conditioner usage as it generates cooling effect. 

Ensures fire safety: 

It is known as a non-combustible construction material because it does not burn usually aluminium compounds will be able to burn at a temperature as high as 650 degrees which is very rare and that too without releasing any hazardous gases. Roof and wall panels are usually made of aluminium because they are less likely to catch fire and cause any damage unless get burned at an extremely high temperature. 

Safety measures 

Aluminium offers 99% safety because of its strength and durable properties that cause these gates and doors extremely difficult to open illegally, this is the reason most gates and front main doors of houses and any commercial building is made out of aluminium to prevent any theft. 

That being said aluminium serves a great deal in construction of buildings and creating a gorgeous overall look with decorative screen designs and wall panels that not only adds up to aesthetics but are safe and reliable as well. As compared to other compounds especially steel aluminium is without a doubt the wisest choice if you are planning to get a makeover of your home, increase personal security or for work space, or constructing a brand-new entity. Recycling it later would only benefit you in the long run.